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A Compilation of:

Adopted by the
of the
United Nations,

Compiled and edited by:
Irving Sarnoff
Founder: Friends of the
United Nations

years of Service to Humanity

"it is my hope that [international Instruments of the United Nations] will be used widely by United Nations partners in government and civil society and raise awareness of this invaluable legacy that we all share and enjoy."
- Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations
(Excerpted from the Introduction to the book)

For fifty years the General Assembly of the United Nations, a unique institution comprising a membership of 185 nations has been serving humanity. While it does not have direct enforcement powers, in the realm of public opinion, its power is considerable. Having a membership of 185 countries it acts as a forum for the nations of the world. There is almost no area of universal concern on which the General Assembly has not focused its attention. This is our world working together for the betterment of everyone and every nation.
Important decisions of the General Assembly are standards that nations of the world have agreed to. They are principles and strategies that help guide behaviour and have become part of the legal framework of individual nations.
This unique compilation contains a breadth of information on international instruments including declarations, conventions, charters, proclamations, standards, principles and treaties covering subjects such as human rights, space, disarmament, political and social science, economics and global development issues. It brings together for the first time the actual texts of instruments and will prove to be an ideal reference for students and policy makers alike.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to inform the public about the work of the United Nations and its agencies.

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Introduction by Congressmen James A. Leach and Esteban E. Torres
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