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The Friends of the UN in cooperation with UNESCO is pressing ahead with its oceans outreach campaign designed to heighten public awareness and advance the objectives of the Year as defined by the United Nations. Projects undertaken so far, include an Oceans Film Festival (MAUI 21-23 May); Consultation with Jamaican Government officials, regarding a series of activities that would promote the goals of the year. This would be undertaken in cooperation with the United Nations Seabed Authority & the Caribbean Environment Office, both headquartered in Jamaica.
FUN invited to meet with executives of Florida - Caribbean Cruise line Association to discuss partnership possibilities & stewardship responsibilities now opened to the Cruise industry. Meeting set for 20 August in Miami.
Tolerance Campaign gets into high gear. In cooperation with UNESCO Friends will participate in important ceremony on 25 July in Washington DC. where MTV will receive the GANDHI MEDAL for its work in promoting tolerance and erasing hate.

International Instruments
of the United Nations

In keeping with its commitments to support the work of the United Nations and to enhance public understanding of its service to humanity Friends founder Irv Sarnoff has edited and compiled the key agreements, charters conventions, declarations, principles, proclamations, protocols and treaties adopted by the general Assembly of the United Nations. This valuable document is now available and hopefully will become a prominent feature in the libraries of schools and universities and government offices throughout the world.


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Dr. Noel Brown & Irv Sarnoff discussing future possibilities for the UN film festival with festival coordinator: Kimberly Weichel
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