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Composer, Author and Educator

Mark Alexander Williams composer and lyricist created "One Song, Many Voices" which has I been hailed as humanity's anthem. "One Song, Many Voices" has been adopted by Friends of the United Nations as the theme song for the United Nations International Day of Tolerance and for Millennium celebrations.

As founder of Markus Communications, Inc. and Bookmark Entertainment, Inc., Mark is a rare combination of visionary leader, inspiring artist and influential consultant. His companies provide unique products and services that assist individuals and organizations in multi-cultural understanding.

Since 1985 Mark has delivered cutting edge services to a wide array of clients including: Exxon Corporation, AT&T, Cellular One, National Education Association, American Banking Association, Agency for International Development and leaders of many Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, Markus Communications is the exclusive worldwide strategic partner of the Marriott family of companies in all aspects of multi-cultural and diversity education. Marriott has recently underwritten the development of a comprehensive ensemble of multi-media products and services based on Mark's work, "One Song, Many Voices."

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of the best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, have endorsed Mark's music. Mark will launch a parallel recording project called OSMV, Songs for the Soul. Due to be released under this banner are two projects based on best-seller Random Acts of Kindness and New York Times #1 best-seller, The Seat of the Soul. Also due to be released by Mark in 1999, is "OSMV Lenses": a book, video and musical narrative profiling the 10 ways in which Americans view each other across race and culture.

Mark is a native of Virginia Beach, VA and holds an M.A. in Organizational Psychology and a B.A. in Political Science from American University. He is a member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, The Recording Academy and a BMI affiliate songwriter and publisher.

Photography by Mychal Watts

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