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International Superstar and Recording Artist

What fields could possibly be left for Vanessa Williams to conquer? With two # 1 singles ("Save the Best for Last" and "Love is") to add to gold, platinum and multi platinum for her first three times out and an Oscar-winning song "Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas, one can only wonder what is next? Critical praise was well earned from Vanessa's Broadway role in "Kiss of the Spider Woman" and motion pictures, Eraser opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and most recently, Dance With Me. With nine Grammy nominations and two NAACP Image Awards to her credit, Ms. Williams sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXX before an estimated 138.1 million people in 170 countries around the world last January and then performed "Colors of the Wind" on the global Oscar telecast in March.

After all the acclaim, Vanessa Williams figured it was time to give something back to the children. Using her talents in the name of cultural understanding, Ms. Williams entered the studio to do the lead vocals on "One Song, Many Voices," the official theme song for the UN's International Day of Tolerance. Learning that the music video would be aired to 8.5 million school age children in a special download by Channel One Network, Ms. Williams had the following to say ...

"Being a mother of three, being concerned with their future ... making sure they've got opportunity in the world ... being aware of other kids all over the world and what they might not have, compared to the blessings that my kids have. it's just a common theme that runs in my psyche, that runs in my blood, that runs in my lifestyle. When I can make an impact, when I can lend a helping hand, whether be it my voice, which I am doing for this project or my presence, it makes it an worth it. So, I really didn't hesitate at all."

"Kids are all the same, all across the world. they want to be loved, they want to have dreams, they want to have hopes and they want to do what makes them happy. Hopefully, we can create a world that has that possibility."

"My mother just retired, but she was a public school music teacher and she's brought a vanload of kids today, to be a part of something that is very special. So, not only is it making a contribution, but I can do it with my family."

"I'm Vanessa Williams, welcoming you to "One Song, Many Voices."

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